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NACBI Training event for 2017

Discussion in 'Training & Education' started by Bill Warner, Feb 8, 2017.

  1. Bill Warner

    Bill Warner Administrator Staff Member NACBI Member

    Hey everyone!

    We are discussing putting together a long overdue training seminar for this year. We will likely slate it for early November. We would like to focus on "hands-on" on site and report writing for this one, but also have one day of formal classroom education.
    That being said... if you were to choose just ONE topic for classroom training, what would it be?
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  2. peter russell

    peter russell Community Post Master NACBI Member

    Choosing just one is tough between electrical and HVAC.
    I would have to say electrical
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  3. peter russell

    peter russell Community Post Master NACBI Member

    PS and to break that down further I would like us to consider establishing a standard for electrical.
    Most small commercial building are pretty straight forward but the large commercial/industrial building can be challenging.
    Typically we try to inventory whats there and open random panels. Try not to get to detailed.
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  4. David Hays

    David Hays Community Member NACBI Member

    November would be a great month. Or the beginning of December.
    As for the one topic I would like it to be report writing. What should we put in the report. How much detail. How many pictures.
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  5. Bill Warner

    Bill Warner Administrator Staff Member NACBI Member

    I should probably clarify just a bit...
    The plan would be to have 1/2 day on site walk through of a building. Have attendees write up a small report using their preferred software. Then another 1/2 to full day of discussing the reports for improvements, needed inclusions, etc.
    Then one more day of a specific topic/system. We will likely throw in some marketing topics also.
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  6. David Hays

    David Hays Community Member NACBI Member

    Well then I would like to have the topic be HVAC. But I'm open to anything. (y)
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  7. Jeffrey R Jonas

    Jeffrey R Jonas Active Community Member NACBI Member

    Assuming you are primarily targeting newer commercial inspector members with this training to elevate and expand the membership base, perhaps this will help to narrow down the ideas a bit...
    Looking at the type and size jobs that most of the "regulars" seem to post about on this MB, they can be quite intimidating for even fairly experienced inspectors that do not typically get these larger more complex jobs, but are trying to break into the larger scale marketplace.
    Rather than a reply of a Electrical, HVAC, or Roofing class, a survey of the types of commercial that many are actually seeing, and/or the size/type of structures they need help with may be more appropriate and helpful. As you know, there can be a huge difference between building systems given the different property types, and many here may not yet realize what they don't know as they haven't seen it yet, and they certainly don't want to find out walking in at inspection time!
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  8. Bill Warner

    Bill Warner Administrator Staff Member NACBI Member

    Good stuff!

    Thanks Jeff.
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  9. Sean Fogarty

    Sean Fogarty Community Member NACBI Member

    Where are you going to have it??
  10. Ray Thoroman

    Ray Thoroman Community Post Master NACBI Member

    Here in Atlanta of course silly :)

    How've ya been?

    Hey good points and suggestions guys. To be honest its going to be tuff having a one catch all ''Training Event''. I'm sure it'll be great whatever you decide Bill. If time permits for me personally, I wouldn't care so much about what you are covering.... I just would like to meet everyone and pick brains. But, I'd like to take all ideas/suggestions given and put them into a melting pot. I think we should cover several types of commercial buildings. I think we should take for example a flex space, office space, strip mall, industrial warehouse from EACH region supplied by one of our members. Then that member works with Bill or the instructor giving the overview. We look at that said property and go over all the major system/components.

    My general area I serve for commercial is pretty much the same. It doesn't really matter if I'm in KY, GA, AL, SC, NC, FL, MS, TN. With some exceptions. For example further in FL I go the roof types are different and different hurricane type codes/construction. Same further North I go, I see WSHP's for HVAC.

    Peter: Electrical around here for commercial is 120/208 3P 4W. We do have transformers wet (usually exterior) dry (interior) and usually are small 30-75 KVA 208v/480v etc. But I see your point. It can get complicated. Are they VPI, VPE, Encapsulated, Cast Coil, Fan assisted. What feds, what. But with us, I try to use common sense. For example, I'm not opening up a dry transformer 75 KVA. I'll use my IR or Thermal, scan it and look for any visual signs of deficiencies. I just keep it simple and use the ASTM 2018 standard for electrical. I don't deviate from it. If the customer wants an in-depth electrical assessment, I'm brining in my licensed commercial electrical contractor.

    For me, I guess I'm most interested in report writing. Types of report software used. How closely does your report follow the ASTM 2018 and scope of work proposed. Then building science and thermal imaging. I want to shadow Bill and David A while they do a roof, electrical and building envelope scan. If you offer thermal imaging, what standards are you using? Jim Seffrin's?

    Back to report writing on this office building we did yesterday!
  11. Casey Patten

    Casey Patten Community Member NACBI Member

    I think we've determined that report writing is probably the hot topic so far, right? The idea of varying commercial building types for each region is good; not sure we'd have the time frame available for that, it might be better to lump it for now, and like Ray said, pick brains in the "off" hours. Isn't that where the best ideas and work comes??? :)

    We've discussed a small marketing/growth aspect as well, does anyone have questions or topics for that?

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