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North Central Texas EIFS-Stucco-Siding-Exterior claddings

Adair Inspection

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What Will You Be Purchasing?

Protect your investment by ordering your EIFS-Stucco-Siding-Exterior Claddings Inspection Today
"If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur." Red Adair

  • Certified-Professional EIFS/Moisture Analyst Inspections EDI EIFS MA TX # 39
Offering Specialized Consumer Protection Professional EIFS/Stucco/Siding and Moisture Inspection Services in the D/FW market, all of Texas and wherever else you need me...for the Right Price!

Call Barry at 214-328-8331 to Schedule your Specialist Inspection appointment
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Terry Clayton

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Here we go let the Stucco start flying, Have fun.

Carl Brown aka. StuccoBoy

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Every building commercial,residential, probably even dog house leak the dont just have to be stucco.

My mud slinging days are over,
But best of the best builders excluding the one Marcel worked for set these buildings up to fail.
Its a lot about greed maybe 75/25
75 being the blisfulness of the material mfgrs,the builders,
Codes officials,last but not least the

And as Barry put it
and no one hears it.

Off of my soap box for now.

Adair Inspection

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That says a lot Barry,yet no one can hear it!
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The folks that do hear are never disappointed regardless of my findings.
I've had more than my share thank me profusely for keeping them out of a bad investment or assuring them that with seasonal maintenance they'll have a property that they can enjoy throughout ownership.

Adair Inspection

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