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Not much action here...because....

Discussion in 'Predictive/Preventive Maintenance' started by Dale Duffy, Aug 26, 2015.

  1. Dale Duffy

    Dale Duffy Administrator Staff Member NACBI Member

    Not many people do preventative maintenance......(n)
  2. Terry Clayton

    Terry Clayton Community Post Master NACBI Member

    I see it first hand at the hospital i work at, (RUN TO FAIL), personally I think because the hospital is non-profit there is a better tax benefit for having a outside contractor come in and replace something than for the maintenance staff to properly maintain equipment, why else would one hire maintenance directors and supervisors who have very little if any knowledge about building maintenance.
  3. Adair Inspection

    Adair Inspection Community Post Master NACBI Member


    An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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  4. Lynn Duffy

    Lynn Duffy Administrator Staff Member

    Amen to that...!
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  5. John Bowman

    John Bowman NACBI Staff Staff Member NACBI Member

    Planned maintenance and renewal of systems should play a central strategic role in the acquisition and/or management of assets. Good planning for maintenance requires that appropriate resources be allocated on a priority basis which is where a viable predictive/preventative maintenance program comes in. In fact, routine maintenance is critical to preserve the asset so that it continues to provide acceptable services, achieves its expected life, generates the cash flow required to service the note and continue to exist as a stabilized asset. Failure to provide adequate maintenance results in deterioration of the property and eventually loss of use. A more important concern is the visible consequences of neglecting maintenance, which may not be apparent for many months. Once the signs of deterioration become visible, the repair cost likely will be far greater than the cost of preventative maintenance. A simple protocol called Property Condition Assessment (PCA) along with a solid predictive/preventative maintenance program can help lenders, investors, brokers, receivers, attorneys and stakeholders gauge the physical characteristics of a commercial real estate asset and make an informed decision to acquire, maintain, stabilize or dispose of the asset.
  6. John VanVleet

    John VanVleet Community Member NACBI Member

    Speaking on this planned maintenance issue, While I was living on the East Coast I was very busy with Infrared maintenance of electric and roofing inspections for some building management companies. However here in San Diego Ca no one want to be bother with maintaining their buildings. I just can't seem to get any management companies to even try it out. I have even talked to people from the same company as on the East Coast, that maintains buildings across the country. Does anyone have any ideas on how to talk to them here in SD? or information that I can give to them.
  7. Dale Duffy

    Dale Duffy Administrator Staff Member NACBI Member

    Are you sure your not in Phoenix?

    Same thing here, John...wait until the roof leaks or sparks are flying.

    I think people become to complacent with the lack of rain.
  8. MarcelCyr

    MarcelCyr Community Post Master NACBI Member

    Well, this one isn't leaking yet, but will if not replaced or repair soon.

    Look good from the ground on early morning on Sunday. DSCN2030.JPG DSCN2064.JPG

    Attached Files:

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  9. John VanVleet

    John VanVleet Community Member NACBI Member

    Looks like a building in PA that I use to go past..
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  10. Dale Duffy

    Dale Duffy Administrator Staff Member NACBI Member

    Hi Marcel, I hope you're doing well ole buddy.

    That roof is nice from far but far from nice.......:)

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