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R.I.P. John McKenna

Jeffrey R Jonas

Active Community Member
NACBI Member
...Although he was not a member of NACBI, (many of us knew him), I felt it would be appropriate to mention that Inspector/Thermographer John McKenna passed away on December 17, 2017 at the age of 63. There is no information known at this time as to the cause. Nobody was notified of this. An inspector friend contacted me the other day when he noticed a Black Ribbon on John's FB page with no explanation, and asked if I had any info. I did not. We both researched all other social media sites to no avail. John's wifes FB page also had the Black ribbon, with the comment that he "will no longer be in pain". A very brief statement was mentioned in a online Texas newspaper article, but was mostly useless for information.

Whether you believed in John's teachings/methods or not, it is always a loss when a fellow inspector dies.
RIP John.

Ray Thoroman

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Wow, very sad :(

My brother-in-law just died of a heart attack 3 weeks ago, he just turned 60. Made it to the hospital. They ran all the tests, ran them again found a clot and set for surgery, never made it. Life is fragile and short.

John was apart of our industry for many years. God rest his soul.