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Termites invade my daughters home

Adair Inspection

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My daughter and son-in-law are going through a tough time with termites and the extermination company. Their story made the local news in Charleston, SC. I sure wish I knew how to help them....
remember the Alamo & eifs

here in tx we have tdi & spsc i'd contact the equivalent in her location to see if there is any recourse, some instances they do show an interest & may take action
alsi social media facebook twitter etc the hell out of for other consumers who have/are being screwed...be very careful of social media wording
once enuf have joined the valid complaint list hire a nuclear cutthroat atty to file class action
doesn't resolve her specific issues but if tv, radio, print & other media is invited into the fray it may

best to all as this sees resolution...whatever that may be
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