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The Tax Man Cometh...

Bill Warner

Staff member
NACBI Member
April 17 (if you didn't know already...)

I personally had a banner year last year. Threw me into another tax bracket that hammered me hard. This year is on a start to beat even last years numbers!
Hope you all fared better than me!

John VanVleet

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Its been a very good year for me also and uncle Sam he got his 25Gs, Decided to pack it up and move out of California to Sarasota Florida, Just got my license last week and I already have inspections on the book through the realtor and a law office I used here to close on my home.

Adair Inspection

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far be it from me to tell anyone how to run their biz but
i'd have to find another accountant if any $k went to uncle sugar
we can always find perfectly legal advertising, office, equip or vehicle upgrades, charitable donations, investment loses & others to negate gov gettin' more shekels beyond the cash register
12/31 is a last-minute deadline i can live with, online if needed
one of the 12 rules of being human is to take control of your life or someone else will
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John VanVleet

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Why did you move out of Sarasota Ray Thoroman? We love it here. I take it you stay pretty busy covering so many states, good for you. I have done between 35-40 Dialysis centers in the past few years in Ca. And quite a few office buildings, really good money! Should you need a hand in this area feel free to call, I would be happy to help.

Ray Thoroman

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Hey John, left there in late 90's. Been here since 1998. Yes, call anytime or I'll do the same, always like speaking with fellow NACBI members. If a project warrants it I'd love to team up! Monday we did a commercial on old 1930's downtown Gainesville GA BLDG. About 20,000 sq. ft. I love the history on these old buildings. Loaded up with neglect, lots of brick moisture damage, WDI including termite and powder post beetle. Anyways, don't want to hijack the thread. Yes uncle Sam, you are getting our $$,$$$.