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commercial building inspections

  1. Chris Barnard

    Florida Warehouse Inspections

    Commercial Building inspections of Warehouses in the Greater Orlando FL Area. We are experienced building inspectors serving all of Orlando, Port Orange, Jacksonville, Melbourne and all surrounding areas of FL. Need a warehouse inspected? Contact us: (386) 868-8375
  2. Brian Marcy

    Michigan Commercial Building Inspector

    Grand Rapids Commercial Building Inspection LLC (GRCBI) is a commercial property inspection firm serving Grand Rapids Michigan, Kalamazoo Michigan, Lansing Michigan, and surrounding areas including Michigan’s Lower Peninsula and Northern Indiana. GRCBI offers ASTM E2018 compliant Property...
  3. John Bowman

    FAQ's About Infrared Thermographic Electrical Surveys

    FAQs about Infrared Thermographic Electrical Surveys How does an Infrared Thermographic Electrical System Survey work? What is NFPA 70B’s stance concerning Fire Safety Compliance and the use of Thermographic Electrical Surveys? Will it assist in lowering your Insurance Premiums? Which...
  4. John Bowman

    UST (Underground Storage Tank) Removal from Commercial Properties & Facilities

    Check out this new white paper just added to our new white paper library. http://nacbi.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Storage-Tanks.pdf Feel free to place a link to this on your commercial building inspection or residential inspection websites. Just don't alter or change anything.
  5. John Bowman

    Commercial Property Plumbing Inspections

    When a plumbing problem hits a residence, it may cause a mild annoyance to a family. But a plumbing problem at a commercial facility can result in lost business, damaged inventory, product contamination, equipment damage, and shrinking customer/employee confidence. The stakes are abundantly...
  6. John Bowman

    Maine Commercial Building Inspectors and Thermographers

    CYR Home & Commercial Property Inspections located in Winslow, ME Russell Inspection Services located in Alton Bay, NH - Level 1 Thermographer A2Z Inspection Services, Inc. located in East Stroudsburg, PA - Level 2 Thermographer For an up-to-date listing of NACBI members serving Maine or...
  7. John Bowman

    Commercial Roofing Systems - Predictive/Preventative Maintenance

    Commercial Roofing Systems If your facilities roofing system is currently 30 to 40 years old the service life of your roofing system is close to or has already expired. In a recent emergency, it was determined that a roof leak resulted in an electrical fault causing loss of power to critical...
  8. John Bowman

    Building Envelopes - Predictive/Preventative Maintenance for facilities

    As part of a facilities Predictive/Preventative Maintenance Program, a thorough examination and a plan of "corrective measures" of a buildings envelope should be performed annually. In General: Walls should be inspected for cracks and separations, exposure damage and pest infestations. Weep...