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  1. Brian Marcy

    Natural Phenomenon Captured During Infrared Flat Roof Survey

    I was recently doing an infrared flat roof survey on an EPDM membrane covered roof and captured an interesting natural process that I'd like to share. The scan started about an hour after sunset on a 70 degree day. By the end it was down to about 55 degrees with condensation forming on the...
  2. Bill Warner

    Perseid meteor shower viewed in infrared

    For those that may have missed my Facebook post, here is an infrared video I captured of the Perseid meteor shower that occurred earlier this month. I only had some brief viewing time until heavy cloud cover rolled in and ruined my fun. In the video you can spot a few of the meteors. They...
  3. Terry Clayton

    Infloor Heating

    Thinking of having warm feet when you step out of the shower during the winter from your newly installed in floor heating system that was just installed but you seem to be getting cold feet in some areas, Infrared inspections of in floor heating systems can show you if your contractor completed...
  4. Terry Clayton

    In-Floor Heating Systems

    Infrared Thermography is an excellent NON-Destructive method to utilize for many location and diagnostic needs for both electric and fluid filled systems. Car washes utilise in-floor heating to extend there washing season, many facilities utilize in-ground systems for walks and driveways to...