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  1. John Bowman

    Warehouses, Distribution Centers & Storage

    NACBI members are experienced providers of multi-discipline property condition assessment services for warehouses, distribution centers, & storage and logistics facilities throughout the United States and Canada. With proven reliability, experience, and understanding of commercial property...
  2. Bill Warner


    I subscribe to the EC&M Newsletter. Today's newsletter had some great topics and articles from which I have added a few concern narratives to my report libraries. They often incorporate a lot of Mike Holt's articles as well. Good stuff! If you aren't already a subscriber, I recommend you do!
  3. John Bowman

    Heat Loss Surveys for Commercial Buildings

    Join NACBI as we introduce you to Heat Loss Surveys using Infrared Thermographic Technology. In this video we will explain the basic technique and the qualifications your thermographer should have including what minimum equipment is required. Armed with this knowledge the consuming public can...
  4. Dale Duffy

    Bad week?

    When two laptops kick the bucket and your cell phone breaks, would that be considered a poor week? I had to do everything within my powers not to take a ball bat to several electrical items needed continually to run a business. HomeGauge bailed me out..I was about 1/3 through a report and I...
  5. Terry Clayton

    Infloor Heating

    Thinking of having warm feet when you step out of the shower during the winter from your newly installed in floor heating system that was just installed but you seem to be getting cold feet in some areas, Infrared inspections of in floor heating systems can show you if your contractor completed...