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predictive/preventative maintenance

  1. John Bowman

    Commercial Property Plumbing Inspections

    When a plumbing problem hits a residence, it may cause a mild annoyance to a family. But a plumbing problem at a commercial facility can result in lost business, damaged inventory, product contamination, equipment damage, and shrinking customer/employee confidence. The stakes are abundantly...
  2. John Bowman

    Commercial Roofing Systems - Predictive/Preventative Maintenance

    Commercial Roofing Systems If your facilities roofing system is currently 30 to 40 years old the service life of your roofing system is close to or has already expired. In a recent emergency, it was determined that a roof leak resulted in an electrical fault causing loss of power to critical...
  3. John Bowman

    Building Envelopes - Predictive/Preventative Maintenance for facilities

    As part of a facilities Predictive/Preventative Maintenance Program, a thorough examination and a plan of "corrective measures" of a buildings envelope should be performed annually. In General: Walls should be inspected for cracks and separations, exposure damage and pest infestations. Weep...