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thermal imaging

  1. John Bowman

    FAQ's About Infrared Thermographic Electrical Surveys

    FAQs about Infrared Thermographic Electrical Surveys How does an Infrared Thermographic Electrical System Survey work? What is NFPA 70B’s stance concerning Fire Safety Compliance and the use of Thermographic Electrical Surveys? Will it assist in lowering your Insurance Premiums? Which...
  2. Dale Duffy

    Mining equipment radiators

    My third day at a welding shop in downtown Phoenix doing thermal imaging of heavy equipment radiators for Freeport-McMoran mining. First good paying thermal imaging job I've had in the last five years owning a camera---o_O
  3. John Bowman

    Building Envelopes - Predictive/Preventative Maintenance for facilities

    As part of a facilities Predictive/Preventative Maintenance Program, a thorough examination and a plan of "corrective measures" of a buildings envelope should be performed annually. In General: Walls should be inspected for cracks and separations, exposure damage and pest infestations. Weep...