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Best Roofing Material For A Commercial Warehouse?!



I have a 15,000 sq. ft. flat warehouse in Michigan and I am wondering what the best roofing material is between PVC, EPDM and TPO?

Does anyone have any recommendations?

What are the pros and cons of each material for this climate?

Are there any experts out there with insight on this topic?!

Terry Clayton

Community Post Master
NACBI Member
Your request for recommendation on the best products for Michigan low slope would need to include warranties. I would check with your local contractors and as you will find most will have a differing opinion. Are your intentions to do a complete replacement of the roofing system all the way to the base or an overlay of an existing roof system. Proper installation of any one of the systems you mentioned will improve the life expectancy as will improper installation will shorten the life. Depending on your situation an Infrared scan of the roof can help determine the health of the existing roof and may show you only need to make a few repairs VS replacing the entire roof resulting in tremendous savings not to mention all of the unnecessary good roofing materials going into the landfill. You may find it beneficial to ask for referrals of projects that have been completed by a prospective contractor ans visit the site to view their work. This is considered a small project but may be a difficult project depending on the actual roof conditions, penetrations and equipment on the roof. Best of luck with you project.


Terry, Thanks so much for the reply!

Yes we are doing a full roof replacement.