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Cement Stucco problems in Phoenix - Scottsdale Arizona

Dale Duffy

Staff member
NACBI Member
Cement stucco is an inexpensive wall cladding which performs well if properly installed. After inspecting thousands of homes and commercial buildings in the Phoenix and Scottsdale metropolitan area, I have yet to find a single stucco assembly which was installed to product specifications or industry standards flawlessly.

When cement stucco is not installed correctly, the cost to make repairs can be very significant. Generally in the field of a wall surface problems may not be noticeable for many years. Where wall penetrations exist, improperly installed stucco can potentially allow water intrusion to begin as soon as construction is completed. Within a very short period of time mold and wood rot commences.

If you see gaps at windows - doors or any other wall penetration, chances are appreciable rain water has entered the wall and is causing damage within the wall system. Most people do not realize when insulation inside the wall cavity becomes saturated with moisture, it may take weeks or months to dry, providing no other storms occur. Moisture in walls for an extended period of time allows mold to consume the wood framing, literately eating the wood and any other cellulose product.

In Phoenix and Scottsdale Arizona we inspect cement stucco clad homes and commercial buildings. Utilizing thermal imaging, moisture detection instruments, and specialized devices.

Inspect Arizona Companies, Inc.