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Commercial Building Science: Air Barriers

Adair Inspection

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Do you agree with this Barry?
The entire article is spot on & what I've made a living from for over 20yrs.
I have a redo tomorrow that I did 8yrs ago.
They supposedly followed all of the prescriptive instructions I gave them & last month for the first time since they have moisture intrusion again after our 4"+ rain with 70mph gusts...the rest of the story

Carl Brown aka. StuccoBoy

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My sight was blinded by FURY somethings just do not change, for me anyway.

And as for the NAHB several meetings with them they are blinded by BLISS here in town. IMHO

Member driven association and GREED prevails.

As for codes ***holes never go into their office and ask if someone is getting KICKBACK it really makes their pants wet, that might just be a rumor I heard several years back COUGH COUGH!!! And the look on their faces is PRICELESS. Once again just a rumor.