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Ray Thoroman

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A very nice article/blog in regards to failures of building envelopes by Metropolitan Consulting Engineering & Forensics

Metropolitan Engineering Consulting & Forensics - Expert Engineers : CONSTRUCTION DEFECTS - CAUSES OF FAILURES OF BUILDING ENVELOPES

This reminded me of a commercial property condition assessment we recently performed in Lexington KY. Right away we noticed moisture staining and damage around the window units, sheetrock walls and drop ceilings inside this 30,000 square foot 3 story office building. We popped a ceiling tile and more moisture damage was observed at the wood floor structure, steel beams, sheetrock, insulation etc. We went outside and immediately saw heavy staining around the windows. They installed a weep vent screen system. The lintel's were heavily corroded with rust and deterioration. This building was only approximately 10 years old.

Without being able to perform any destructive evaluation, testing or removal of the cladding, I would almost say that they did not flash the cladding properly, possibly insufficient air gaps and certainly the weep vents were recessed in the brick cladding showing daylight inside at the rim joist/steel beam.

Going to be a major cost to correct!

We've seen this in all through-out Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida.

Adair Inspection

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Almost anywhere there are buildings.
I've recently done a number of newer Gov. owned/managed that sound very similar.
It appears with all of the advances in materials someone forgot that training the designers & installers is critical to the performance equation.

Carl Brown aka. StuccoBoy

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No maintained backer rod and sealant joint. Or so it appears most all window mfgrs. Call for it no matter what the cladding is, if I am wrong I apologize.

But you might check on that, just a thought.