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EPDM/Standing Seam Combo


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Did this one yesterday. 36,000 s.f. warehouse and office. Two tenants.

Looks innocent enough at first glance. 1966 Build and standing seam roof must have been leaking.

To explain what happened hear is the insulation is used as a filler between the flutes (or ridges) of the metal roof panels and then overlaid with a rigid board.
Both layers are mechanically attached or adhered to the metal panel roof. The EPDM membrane is then adhered to the rigid insulation or mechanically fastened to the structural purlins beneath the metal roof.

Besides the typical defects found, I had one problem with this roof.

This pre-engineered building was built 49 years ago and stood up with the test of time very well.

My problem was that there was no permit available to me nor was there any new design document for this renovation that took place on the roof and adding a store on part of the interior.

The installation of a new membrane roof along with the required insulation board and fasteners have added an approximate 2 lbs per square foot on that side of the roof that was not specifically calculated in the original design of the buildings and roof design for dead loads.

I requested that a Structural Engineer reassess the design loading as it would stand today for safety purposes.


Dale Duffy

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Indeed interesting, haven't seen a mess like that in years....!

The last one I saw, they fastened the roof material to tight (I assume), the PVC or whatever it was (forget now) pulled from the mechanical fasteners all over the roof. The roof material just ripped apart.