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Freedom Express Inspections Ponca City Ok performs Thermal imaging on Tornado Shelters

Terry Clayton

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experienced eye and knowledge, great combination.


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experienced eye and knowledge, great combination.

Terry it does take a while to learn to see the unseen. I did a new construction on a Dome shelter it did not have the roof on yet just a canvas top over the wall. I have made the brag that I am the only thermographor in the USA that has achieve a 6 degree delta T in the middle of August with a 100 degree outside ambient during the day No A/C, No internal furnace and no electric in the structure. I scanned the exterior walls at approximately 6:30 AM and was able to see the un-filled CMU's. That job has acquired me jobs all over the State as the State school system is building tornado shelters in a large amount of schools and all of them Filled CMU's