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Google, Twitter, & FaceBook

Bill Warner

Staff member
NACBI Member
Sharing individual threads is easy with this forum!

Simply look at the bottom of the page on any particular thread for the "Share This" links of Twitter, Google+, and Facebook. Click the appropriate link and share the thread with your respective social networking accounts.

This is especially helpful for adding SEO juice to your public posts.
A prime example of using this feature is when listing your services in the "About Our Commercial Inspectors and Thermographers" section. Make sure to share your posts and other member's posts with your social networking page.

Have a unique inspection observation or helpful link? Post it on the forum and share it!

Please note that the "Share" links will only function properly for the public posts. These will not work (return an error) for posts in the Member's Only section of the community as those thread permissions are set to private.
(Hint... this is why we encourage you to post as much as possible in the public sections of the community for SEO purposes!)

Lynn Duffy

Staff member
Bill what "won't" this forum do...?

That is an amazing technique to be utilized for our members! Definitely should take advantage of this option!