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HardiePlank manufactured siding installed incorrectly - Phoenix AZ.

Dale Duffy

Staff member
NACBI Member
If you own a building in the Phoenix metropolitan area with HardiePlank lap siding installed, commonly referred to as Hardie Board siding, nine chances out of ten the siding is installed incorrectly on your home or commercial building.

Improper installation by untrained contractors not only causes premature failure, it can lead to interior water intrusion, mold and wood rot.

Water intrusion is significantly prone where siding meets different building materials, such as cement stucco, rock or stone veneer, windows, doors, or any wall penetration.

In Arizona we inspect buildings with James Hardie siding. If your siding is installed correctly the inspection is free of charge. This is how confident we are your siding is NOT installed according to the manufacturers installation specifications.

Inspect Arizona Companies, Inc.