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Leaks in stucco clad homes - Phoenix, Scottsdale, Arizona

Dale Duffy

Staff member
NACBI Member
Do you see trivial water stains at window sills or headers above windows at the interior of your home or commercial building? Have you ever looked?

Do you know the extreme high percentage of the licensed contractors in the Phoenix area do not install windows or wall penetrations to the manufacturers installation specifications in stucco clad homes?

Do you know what occurs inside wood framed walls that leak?

Do you know millions upon millions of homes and commercial buildings have hidden structural damage caused from water intrusion?

Where is water damage occurring in my house or commercial building I cannot see?

Most people are under the false premise living in a desert environment water intrusion is not a significant concern.

Water entering any wood framed building is a significant concern.

Call Inspect Arizona Companies, Inc. for a thorough water intrusion analysis.