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Looking for help creating good conditions for roof scan before spring.

Brian Marcy

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I have a job signed for a scan of a couple of TPO roof surfaces pending proper conditions. The building in question is being restored and currently has no HVAC and in many places doesn't even have windows. Highs and lows are withing 5 degrees F for the foreseeable future, and it's looking like cloud cover will be pretty constant for that time. I can avoid precipitation and excessive winds.

Given the weather and lack of HVAC, I'm thinking we're SOL for the time being, but if anybody has experience for some other way to create the conditions I'm all ears. I'm thinking solar loading is my best bet in the near future, but not sure how effective it is at temps around 30-40 degrees.

Adair Inspection

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my exp
the 1 & only time they c/wouldn't get heat turned on
i suggested & had them rent & place controlled portable heat in the 4 separate lease spaces a few hrs before the scan started
i showed up documented interior temps upon arrival & did the ir
there are numerous firms that offer these heat & a/c services if ever needed
if it ever came down to they're unwilling & want me to furnish a 20~30% mark up would be appropriate as all other contractors do it
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Bill Warner

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I like BA's idea...

The other option this time of year for our climate is daytime inspection using the sun to your advantage, but looking for the opposite (colder anomalies as opposed to warmer anomalies)

Adair Inspection

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where's that global warming when ya need it