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*** MAJOR Forum Upgrade Installed! 12/12/17 ***

Bill Warner

Staff member
NACBI Member
** NOTICE - 12/12/2017 **

As you may have already discovered, the forum now has a slightly different appearance. Our community message board has been upgraded!

This a major version upgrade, and not just simply a minor maintenance version. Along with the visual appearance differences, there are many changes, added features, and benefits. Most of the changes and useful features have occurred on the back-end (administrator) side of things, but there are many user changes and added features that I think members will appreciate as well!

A brief list of some of the changes/new features....
  • More/Enhanced mobile device functionality and styling.
  • New member tool tip (click once on your name above in the header to see).
  • Updated/Enhanced post editor (some minor tweaks)
  • A brand new 'What's new' system, which can fetch new content from all sources across the system, including threads and posts, profile posts, media items and resources.
  • A new 'Find threads' system provides quick links to unanswered threads (with no replies), threads you have started, and threads in which you have posted.
  • New media embedding features! The BB (bulletin board) Code Media system has been significantly enhanced, and now supports embedding Facebook posts, Tweets, Instagram photos, Reddit posts and comments, Spotify and Soundcloud tracks, albums and playlists and a whole host of others. The integration of oEmbed support allows almost any media to be embedded simply by pasting a link to the media within a message.
  • New 'Quick Thread' feature is a brand new system for the forum. Above the list of threads on a forum page you will find a title entry box. Focusing this box and starting to type a thread title will load a quick message editor, in which you can post the content for the first post of your new thread. Hitting the save button will then post the thread, leaving you on the forum page rather than redirecting you to the thread page. This makes the process of creating a new simple thread extremely quick and easy.
As time permits, I may be modifying some of the features, so a few more may appear, or slightly change as we see fit.

As with any major system upgrade, there may be some hiccups encountered. Should you find any bugs or have difficulties, please let me know promptly in this thread, private message, or via email. I will do my best to address them promptly, but please don't expect immediate results. (I run my own business too ;) )