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New camera what to buy?

Bob LeHoullier

New Poster
Probably buying a new camera for roof inspections, looking at some Black Friday deals. What would you buy if it were you.


Bill Warner

Staff member
NACBI Member
There are many nice options available from various manufacturers.
I've found that more and more clients are becoming savvy and paying attention to specs. Of recent, the job bids have required a minimum 320x240 detector resolution and have requested video of the inspection... so those are two of the many specs/options I would look for in a thermal camera.
Some additional features for my preferences would include:
  • Wide angle and telephoto lenses (wide angle most important to me)
  • laser pointer (helps to direct assistant in marking the roof)
  • 50mK NETD or better (thermal sensitivity)
  • 60 Hz screen refresh/frame rate
  • Field swappable batteries
  • Large touchscreen display
  • Must be able to manually adjust/correct settings such as emissivity, Background (reflected) temp, transmission, span, etc.
I'm partial to Fluke as I like their equipment and prefer their software over FLIR, but Fluke, FLIR, and Testo all have exceptional offerings for professional grade cameras.