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Perseid meteor shower viewed in infrared

Bill Warner

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For those that may have missed my Facebook post, here is an infrared video I captured of the Perseid meteor shower that occurred earlier this month. I only had some brief viewing time until heavy cloud cover rolled in and ruined my fun. In the video you can spot a few of the meteors. They will be small, fast moving dots with a tail traveling at various angles across the FOV. The dots that change direction are actually bugs flying across the night sky... as well as a couple bats chasing them. Clouds pass over quickly in the beginning. About half way through, a passenger jet crosses over from upper right to lower left. If you watch the upper left just after the jet leaves the FOV, you'll see two meteors pass in opposite directions. The video will change back to blue background after this and a couple great shots of a few more meteors can be seen again. especially across the top of the screen.
Pretty awesome stuff happens above our heads at night... especially when viewed in the infrared.

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Terry Clayton

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very nice indeed