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psa: 1/4" builder's mesh

Adair Inspection

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in case there was any doubt
this material isn't concrete tile roof or wall flashing & doesn't prevent interior moisture intrusion screen roof flashing-fascia.JPG

not even 3 1/2 weeks after rain fall

Terry Clayton

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And I thought it was to allow for the structure to be vented not to keep out vermin, learn something new everyday.

Adair Inspection

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owner just called...deal killed

2 engineers
3 inspections
1 certified roof inspection from the top tile guy in our market (btw...he missed the mesh among others i observed doing stucco-moisture analysis)
multitude of trades providing repair bids

based on all the info the client gathered mine was the nail in the coffin...go figure
wants me to do entire shaq ASAP so he has facts can repair as needed & unload the beast