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Roof rash...

Adair Inspection

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is one inspection website's misnomer usually associated with asphalt shingle blistering.

I'm here to discuss a different type of low slope roof rash, that being the incompetent installations during this latest construction boom.
BTW: flat roof is also a misnomer, all roofs must slope somewhat for drainage.

When fasteners are backing out or were never properly secured below the roofing membrane surfaces the resulting impact is costly premature wear with associated membrane punctures causing leaks that require patching at best and area or entire replacement at worst. Not to mention the underlying damages that can lead to structural failures.

Adair Inspection offers Professional roof and Thermography Inspections across Texas and all other surrounding states and also performs Phase Inspections to assure what you're building is what you're paying for.

The image below is on a less than 6 month old Thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) single ply roofing membrane, they couldn't even get the patches installed correctly.


Chuck Forman

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I have never seen that on a TPO roof here. I would love to know the cause if you know what it is or when you find out. I do see a lot of issues with fasteners releasing or improperly installed causing abnormal wear. It also appears that the overlap for the seam may not be great enough.