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Roof Wind Design Standard Webinar

Bill Warner

Staff member
NACBI Member
A new and significantly revised and updated wind design standard, ASCE 7-16, has been published and is incorporated into the International Building Code, 2018 Edition.

In this live webinar, Mark S. Graham, NRCA's Vice President of Technical Services, will discuss ASCE 7-16 and its applicability. We'll also review the roofing-related changes contained in ASCE 7-16, discuss ASCE 7-16's impact on roof perimeter and corner fastening and show examples of differences between ASCE 7-16 and its previous editions.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss ASCE 7-16 and its applicability.
  2. Review the roofing-related changes contained in ASCE 7-16.
  3. Discuss ASCE 7-16's impact on perimeter and corner fastening.
  4. Discover the differences in ASCE 7-16's results and those of FM 1-28, ASCE 7-05 and ASCE 7-10.