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Understanding raceways

Terry Clayton

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NACBI Member
Hello all, Marcel I am not understanding your comment about PVC in wet setting, just want to understand. PVC conduit(raceway) is often used on roofs and building exteriors and the biggest issue is they are getting installed without the expansion joint.


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Hi Terry, hope all is well.
I am not used to seeing PVC electrical conduit on the exterior of the buildings up here. It is mostly all rigid threaded pipe.
I have done many concrete encased electrical duct banks in the ground in my career and I have never seen a PVC electrical conduit that was not full or half full of water before. Which would indicate that no matter if they are glued joints, they are not watertight?

I would also question the UV ray degradation of the conduit over time.
Maybe it is alright but never liked a cheap PVC installation on the exterior of the building as in that picture.

Chuck Forman

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Same here Marcel. The pvc conduit we see here on the exterior of buildings is generally just carrying cable wiring not anything with significant voltage. That is always carried in either metal conduit or weather tight flex conduit.