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Edmonton Commercial Building Inspection Services

Customer Relations Contact: Gary Hunt
Work 1144, 5328-Calgary Trail Edmonton Alberta T6H 4J8 Canada Home Phone: 780665-7110 Website:


Photo of Edmonton Commercial Building Inspection Services

With many years of experience in commercial and industrial building inspections, Edmonton Commercial Building Inspection Services provides award winning service to our clients. Our team of professionals will provide you with a non bias experienced accurate inspection with a detailed customized inspection report with pictures our findings and recommendations.

Let’s face it, selecting the right commercial and industrial building inspection service in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada is possibly one of the most important decisions you’ll make. You need a company that specializes in commercial and industrial building inspections. We at Edmonton Commercial Building Inspection Services specialize in this area. We do not do any other type of inspections. Every inspection is unique to the building we are inspecting. With each inspection we tell you how we see it with a non-bias professional experienced opinion and with an accurate easy to understand customized detailed inspection report with pictures of our findings and recommendations. If you are looking to sell, purchase, lease, rent or need a maintenance, deficiency, pre and/or post construction or a renovation inspection and or a physical condition survey in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on your commercial and or industrial building then call us today to book your next inspection with one of our building inspectors.


We provide commercial building inspection services for a wide variety of commercial buildings such as hotels, motels, shops, stores,  restaurants, office buildings, shopping centers, industrial buildings and much more.

We offer the following types of commercial building inspections:  Post and pre-purchase inspections, deficiency inspections, maintenance inspections, leasing inspections, rental inspections, landlord dispute inspections, insurance dispute inspections, renovation and construction dispute inspections and much much more.  Call us today for a FREE no obligation estimate.  We service Edmonton and all surrounding areas in Alberta all year round.  Phone Office (780) 665-7110.

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