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Inspect Arizona Companies Inc.

Owner – Lead Inspector/Level I Thermographer Contact: Dale DUFFY
Work Inspect Arizona Companies, Inc. 10599 E. Betony Drive Scottsdale Arizona 85255 United States Work Phone: (602) 402-5305 Website: Phoenix Arizona Infrared Thermal Imaging Website: Arizona Inspections, LLC
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Inspect Arizona Companies, Inc.

Residential and Commercial Building Inspections throughout Arizona

  Arizona Licensed Building Inspectors. We inspect any type of building anywhere in Arizona. We offer Commercial Building Inspections nation wide, I am the founder and president of the only national association of Commercial Building Inspectors and Infared Thermographers in the nation. We have resources available in all 50 states and Canada for providing the most comprehensive commercial building inspections available anywhere.

Our PCA’s “Property Condition Assessments” are thorough, in-depth, technically exhaustive, and affordable to anyone who wishes to know the exact condition of a building before their due diligence period ends.

Our Licensed Home Inspectors are the most thorough in the state, we have decades of combined experience. Not only do we inspect all property like we’re buying the property ourselves, we inspect all properties like our mothers are buying them. We do not depend on real estate agents for our success, we depend on referrals for our success, this goal was achieved many years ago. We are proud of our services, and guarantee you will be as well.

We are not the least expensive inspection company available, buying any real estate is an important decision. I think of this scenario, if I was looking for a heart transplant surgeon, would I be looking for coupons? Not hardly. Please call us anytime for an appointment, you’ll be glad you did.

Dale M Duffy

Inspect Arizona Companies, Inc.

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