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National Association of Commercial Building Inspectors & Thermographers™

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Much more than just an association. NACBI is a mega networking system of independent Commercial/Residential Building Inspectors and Thermographers that have banned together to increase their professional services across North America.

No matter what type or complexity of building/system inspection needed, every member of NACBI has the knowledge and skill level available to them through NACBI’s networking system to meet every clients needs and expectations.

NACBI as an association has the unique ability to collaborate and assemble a highly skilled team of Commercial Building Inspectors & Thermographers from all across North America to meet the needs of complex facilities such as malls, major hotel chains, restaurant chains, institutional facilities, industrial facilities, etc., to offer comprehensive due diligence services including:

  • Property Condition Assessments
  • Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments
  • Construction Monitoring
  • Energy Evaluations
  • ADA Compliance
  • Predictive/Preventative Maintenance Evaluations
  • Probability of Costs Assessments, etc.



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