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KOW Building Consultants

Offering Property Condition Reports, Construction Loan Monitoring & Due Diligence, Review of Plans & Specifications, Site Observation Reports, Sustainability Services, and Owners Representation Construction Consulting Services. Contact: Kevin Wille
Work North East Headquarters 1034 West Jericho Turnpike Smithtown New York 11787 United StatesWork South East Headquarters 55 Eric Drive Palm Coast Florida 32164 United StatesWork Capital Region Headquarters 1317 N. Herndon Street Arlington Virginia 08535 United States Work Phone: 6317575000 Work Phone: (855) 966-5888 FL Work Phone: (703) 862-0437 DC Work Fax: (631) 757-9781 Website: KOW Building Consultants


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KOW Building Consultants provides building and construction consultation services to traditional bank, private lenders, mortgage lending institutions, state housing agencies, city housing agencies, mezzanine lenders, bridge lenders, other financial institutions, as well as owners and developers throughout the United States.

The firm was founded in 1978 by Kenneth O. Wille, P.E., who provided construction loan monitoring and property condition assessment (PCA’s) services for New York City projects and now currently servicing the entire eastern seaboard. The company has grown to employ technical plan reviewers and construction monitors from various backgrounds including finance, civil engineering, electrical engineering, architecture, building code inspectors, construction management, and construction lending.

Our primary services: Construction Loan Monitoring & Due Diligence; Property Condition Reports; Review of Plans & Specifications; Site Observation Reports; Sustainability Services; and Owner’s Representation & Development. We can customize our services to meet your specific needs and building type.

In addition, we provide educational seminars for our clients in a lunch & learn format. These can be conducted online or at your office, and have proven to be a very efficient way to train and educate your staff. Listed below are our most sought after seminars:

* “Understanding the Construction Loan Process” – Plan & Cost Review; * “Problem Construction Projects” – How to Identify Early Warning Signs; *”Commercial Ground up Construction Materials & Methods”; *”Understanding the Construction Loan Process” – Requisition Process; *”Residential Renovation Projects” – From Concept to Completion; * “Green Construction” – What is the Big Idea?

Our staff has an excellent reputation in the industry whose construction expertise is respected and sought after. Collectively our inspectors have a wide variety of licenses and certifications such as:

  • Building Performance Analyst
  • Building Code Inspectors (NYS)
  • Certified Building Engineer
  • Certified Construction Consultants
  • Certified Energy Manager
  • Existing Building Commissioning Professional
  • GPRO
  • Green Building Engineers
  • Lead Based Paint Certified Subcontractor
  • Passive House Consultant
  • Professional Engineer (P.E.)
  • Residential Home Inspectors

Our in-depth understanding of the underlying construction and building principles and the financial landscape of today’s market is part of the reason we are so successful in what we do. We make sure that each individual on our staff has a solid general construction and engineering background, as well as specialized knowledge in their particular area of expertise.


KOW Building Consultants (aka Kenneth O. Wille and Associates, Inc.) has provided construction loan monitoring and property assessment services throughout the U.S. since 1978. Our primary services include: Construction Loan Monitoring & Due Diligence; Property Condition Reports; Review of Plans & Specifications; Site Observation Reports; Sustainability Services; and Owner’s Representation & Development.

Property Condition Reports – Property Condition Assessments:

An assessment of all observable site and building components, thus helping to determine both the current condition of all components and categorize future capital improvement estimates into critical, immediate, short-term, and long-term estimations. At your request, this report can be written in accordance with ASTM, HUD Mark to Market, Freddie Mac, or other specific guidelines.

The observations shall be summarized in a detailed Report with recommendations for immediate corrective work, near term and a Replacement Reserve Analysis.

The PCR/PCA will report on the status of the major building components including but not limited to:

  • Site work (topography, storm water drainage, access, egress, paving, curbing, parking, flatwork, landscaping, recreational facilities)
  • Utilities (water, electricity, natural gas, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, special utility systems, on-site generation)
  • Structural Frame and Building Envelope (foundation, building frame, facades, parapets, water penetration issues, windows, skylights)
  • Roofing (material, condition, drainage, flashing, coping, issues)
  • Plumbing (age, piping supply, drain/waste/vent, domestic water production, fixtures)
  • HVAC (heating plant, fuel sources, storage tanks, pumps, distribution systems, controls, rooftop units, issues)
  • Electric System (building power, fixtures, emergency power, emergency fixtures, fire alarm, GFCI, issues)
  • Elevators – (number of cabs, controls, equipment)
  • Fire Safety (system types, smoke detection, alarm)
  • Apartment and common area interiors (finishes, conditions, issues)
  • Handicapped accessibility

Site Observation Reports: 

Generally issued monthly, this report includes a complete site and building observation with a focus on a monthly requisition to the lender. It includes the project data, site conditions, site safety, funding recommendation, change orders, contingency funding, retainage, potential delays/overruns, quality of construction, permits, violations, and schedule/estimated completion.

We visit the site in conjunction with Applications for Payment or as directed by the Bank to review the progress of the work and report on the following:

  • Progress of the work and whether the payments requested fairly represent the amount of work completed on the project. In addition, review amount shown as necessary to complete the project.
  • Quality of construction and standard of workmanship.
  • Compliance with the approved plans and specifications.
  • Anticipated labor stoppage and material shortages that could adversely affect the completion of the project.
  • Review change orders.

Review of Plans and Specifications:

Prepared prior to the start of new construction or renovation, this report is based upon a visit to the site(s) and includes a comprehensive review of all available plans, direct cost construction breakdown, specifications, building department applications/permits, scopes of work, technical reports, project contracts. Initial site visits and our technical reports are designed to help identify any issues that should be considered prior to closing.

The following sections are included with comments, questions and recommendations:

  • Project Scope and Key Issues
  • Site Comments
  • Architectural Comments
  • Structural Comments
  • Building Systems Comments
  • Other Issues Affecting the Construction
  • Specifications Comments
  • Construction Schedule
  • Budget Review
  • Evaluation of Contracts

Cost to Complete:

Report based upon a visit to the site(s), a review of the plans, direct cost construction breakdown and other related documentation.  It can be completed and submitted within 2-3 weeks of authorization to proceed assuming access to the property and needed information is made available in a timely manner.  Our report will include information on existing building conditions and review of work already in place, as well as pending construction work.

Contact us today to see how we can assist you with your commercial property.

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