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Russell Inspection Services LLC


Photo of Russell Inspection Services LLC

New Hampshire commercial property condition assessments and building inspections. I specialize in ASTM 2018 guideline for commercial property assessments.

New Hampshire Commercial Building Inspections, Net Lease, Triple Net Lease (NNN), Property Condition Assessments (PCA), Infrared Thermal Imaging & Commercial Property Inspectors

New Hampshire Commercial Building Inspectors is your one source for New Hampshire and all of Northern New England, Net Lease, Triple Net Lease (NNN), Property Condition Assessments (PCA) & Infrared Building Inspections.

Through our vast network of NACBI seasoned and highly trained professionals we can provide any and all building inspection service requirements within a short time frame.

We have teams of NACBI Certified or Licensed Professional Inspectors with Level I through Level III Infrared Thermography training ready to inspect the condition of your building(s) beyond any other inspection technology available today.

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