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Mr Robert V. Young

Sole propritor Montreal Home Inspection Services Inc.Real Estate
Home 3510 Rue. Benny Suite #401 Montreal Quebec H4B 2R8 Canada Home Phone: 514-489-1887 Cell Phone: 514-441-3732 Website: Montreal Home Inspections
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I have been involved in building and repair home sense 1976.

In 2007, I started educating to be a certified home and commercial inspections. I completed my home and commercial inspection certification in 2010. In 2012, I became a member in good standing with NACBI.

I am a certified Montreal home inspector and Montreal commercial building inspector. A single person Montreal home inspection company located in beautiful & historic Notre-Dame-de-Grace Montreal Quebec where I handle, phone calls, home inspection scheduling, and other business related details. 

I personally do the actual home inspection. During your Montreal home inspection service, I may have aspiring pre-graduate’s or newly certified home inspectors assisting me. They enjoy the one on one colleague comradely,  added experience, continued education, and greatly welcome the opportunity to become more astute in this specialized field of real estate defect recognition & consulting. 

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