High-end Residential Inspections

In many areas across North America, high end residential properties (aka “multi-million” estates) have been constructed using commercial applications and equipment instead of standard residential. Some of the applications that are used include:

  • HVAC systems – in some cases there may be large roof top units or several commercial heating and cooling units on the property. Some of these are very complicated utilizing specialized sensors and zoning controls.
  • Electrical Systems – Most typical residential construction has a single panel, single phase electric system.  Most commercial and large residences use 3 phase electrical systems with multiple panels, switch gear, and other equipment. Three phase systems can be, and are very complex, requiring advanced training and knowledge to inspect them.
  • Roofing Systems – are generally commercial type installations also, i.e., EPDM, BUR, TPO, PVC, and metal panel. These types of roofing are not generally found in the residential sector as a norm. They are routinely found in the commercial sector. Experience and knowledge with these roofing systems is more advanced than the common asphalt type shingle installation.
  • High-end Kitchens – is another area where commercial equipment is used in large and high end residential properties. These kitchens are often outfitted with commercial gas appliances and electrical equipment, commercial walk in freezers and refrigeration systems. These kitchens often have fire suppression systems installed, as well as throughout the entire structure.

Indeed, there are many aspects of high end residences that are not found in the general residential housing sector. Not everyone has the required education and knowledge to inspect these large and complex systems. Hiring an inspector who knows what they are doing is not only practical but priceless. NACBI has some of the best inspectors in the world. They are men and women who are highly trained and educated professionals with years of experience and thousands of inspections behind them in both the commercial and residential sectors. Being a commercial inspector is not just a job, it’s a passion. All members of NACBI adhere to a very high ethics policy and are committed to excellence and professionalism in their duties. Your confidentiality and privacy are paramount to the process. All names, personal information, contact information, public profiles, contracts and reports are held in strict confidence between the member, property seller, client, and others agreed upon to receive the report results. Commercial property assessments (PCA’s), High end residential assessments, and Building Science Thermography, are just a few of the services NACBI members perform.