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Gary Fleming

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GWG – G William Group LLC

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(732) 494-8370

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State or Province

New Jersey



Other states or cities served

We serve the NJ, NY, PA, and surrounding markets.

Additional Inspection Services Provided

Design; Engineering; Operations; Project & Construction Management; Expert Witness Services; Real Estate Inspection Services

Business Bio

As a Design-Build Construction Management Company, we have experience in planning, design, and construction management of commercial buildings, office spaces, sports and recreation facilities, multi-use facilities and warehouses from concept to completion. Given our extensive experience in all phases and types of commercial construction, we are the perfect partner to perform your Property Condition Assessment.


Our service provides Property Condition Assessment (PCA) reports on commercial buildings of all sizes and types including warehouses, office buildings, apartment buildings, hospitality, sports and recreation, food-processing, health, retail and multi-use facilities. Our Assessments are to the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) guidelines. The authors of these guidelines have trained us.


The Assessment and Report is a specific kind of due diligence, pre-purchase, pre-lease, or post-lease inspection, performed according to a specification developed by ASTM. Our PCA includes a thorough examination and written report on conditions including mechanical (HVAC, electrical, plumbing, sprinkler system), structural, interior, exterior, and site. We include detailed document reviews, personnel interviews, and probable costs to remedy physical deficiencies, plus other requirements listed in the ASTM specification.


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