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Jon Gower

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The Gower Group, LLC

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Little Elm

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Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Louisiana, Arkansas, Florida, Kansas, Colorado


Commercial Property Inspections, Infared Thermal Imaging (Roof Inspections), Infared Thermal Imaging (Building Science), High-End Residential Inspections

Additional Inspection Services Provided

Building Envelope Condition Assessment Due diligence projects associated with commercial real estate. Commercial property and building inspections (also known as Property Condition Assessments or PCA’s) are important for clients seeking to know the condition of a property or real estate they may be purchasing, leasing, financing or simply maintaining.

Roof DecScans (Electric Capacitance/Impedance Testing) – a non-destructive testing technique used to quickly and accurately identify water entry pathways and areas of entrapped water within a roof assembly.  The primary purpose of non-destructive testing is to identify and quantify areas of wet insulation within conventional low-slope roof systems. In many cases, non-destructive testing can provide a snapshot of the overall condition of the roof system beyond what can be seen on a visual basis.

Storm Damage Evaluation and Post Loss Inspections – Consulting/Inspection services related to storm damage including wind, hail, rain and tornadoes.  Investigations include roof and exterior wall inspections, and interior inspection related to water leakage or other entry and recommended cost of repair and/or replacement to elements of structures.

Forensics Investigation – Identifying the source of water leakage and moisture infiltration is the first step in the remediation of moisture damaged buildings.  Roof and exterior envelope investigation services help identify whether the products were installed properly, the products have not prematurely failed, and then define a remediation process.

Quality Assurance Inspections – Quality assurance observation of the building envelope installation is an important process for determining if the removal, installation, repair, or maintenance of materials or systems follows the scope and intent of the Contract Documents, and are installed and executed in accordance with accepted industry practices and manufacturer recommendations.

Infrared TestingInfrared testing can be performed in a variety of situations to detect problems before they become much larger issues. Infrared testing is used to detect water damage and leaks beneath the surface of the roof, allowing the opportunity to repair the section before it continues to spread. Infrared testing is used to detect heating and cooling loss or moisture problems due to insulation deficiencies or construction issues.

Business Bio

The Gower Group, LLC is a group of building science professionals who specialize in the design and inspection of all elements of the “Building Envelope”. This includes Roofs, Walls, Air/Vapor Barrier assemblies, and Below Grade Waterproofing.   We provide prompt expert analysis of commercial, industrial and residential structures primarily for owners, facility managers, and property insurance professionals.  We provide unbiased professional and expert assistance by offering prompt, clear and accurate inspection services. The Gower Group, LLC is not a contractor or affiliated with any material manufacturer.

The Gower Group, LLC Memberships:

Air Barrier Association of America (ABAA)
International Institute of Building Envelope Consultants (IIBEC)
National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA)
Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry (AWCI)
Building Envelope Science Institute (BESI)

Company Certifications:

AWCI Certified EIFS Inspectors

ABAA Licensed Auditors/Inspectors

IIBEC Registered Exterior Wall Observers (REWO)

IIBEC Registered Roof Observers (RRO)

Level 1 Thermographers

UAV Drone Pilot Certification 


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