Flir C2 Review and Comparison

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I have purchased a Flir C2 for the purpose of review and direct comparison with professional thermal camera, and will be posting results soon. Source: Flir C2 Review and Comparison

ESFI’s 2017 Surge Damage Survey Demonstrates a Lack of Understanding

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From: Brett Brenner, President, Electrical Safety Foundation International This year, the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) conducted a survey of electrical designers, planners, and engineers who design or renovate systems in industrial facilities, healthcare facilities, and IT centers. In response to the survey results, which demonstrated a limited or misinformed understanding of surge protection devices (SPDs), ESFI created educational materials … Read More

Electrical Safety Workshop | NACBI Community Forum

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If anyone is interested…..As a member of the NFPA 70E/CSA Z462 Group on LinkedIn, you should seriously consider attending the IEEE IAS Electrical Safety Workshop each year. We try our best to keep this board non-commercial, but as the Manager of the Group, I make the exception to promote this workshop each year — I consider it a “must attend” … Read More

Using NACBI Thermal Imaging Specialists for PdM | NACBI Community Forum

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There has been a long standing misconception that equipment/system failures cannot be predicted. However, with predictive technology, a vast number of equipment failures can be successfully predicted in many categories of commercial and industrial equipment.Vibration measurement analysis has long been the choice. But the process is time consuming, expensive and quite often poses a safety concern as the inspection requires … Read More

Building Envelopes – Predictive/Preventative Maintenance for facilities | NACBI Community Forum

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As part of a facilities Predictive/Preventative Maintenance Program, a thorough examination and a plan of “corrective measures” of a buildings envelope should be performed annually.In General: Walls should be inspected for cracks and separations, exposure damage and pest infestations. Weep holes should be cleared of obstructions. General cleaning should be done regularly and is particularly important if the facility is … Read More

Commercial Building HVAC Over-Current Protection | NACBI Community Forum

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Newer HVAC units are much more energy efficient than older. Not as much power is needed for newer air conditioners to function normally, this saves building owners money.When HVAC technicians install new air conditioners, seldom do they look at the circuit breaker or fuse rating in the sub panel or service panel protecting the new HVAC unit.New HVAC units have … Read More

Dayton thermal inspection identifies commercial roof problems | NACBI Community Forum

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Hidden moisture in a commercial roof can cause devastating damages resulting in costly repairs. Using infrared thermal imaging technology, we can help identify affected areas so our clients can isolate and have surgical repairs performed rather than wasteful monolithic replacements. Identifying and replacing wet insulation can reduce future problems related to the unfortunately common practice of installing new roofing materials … Read More