Quiz: Anatomy of A Successful Proposal

Use this self-assessment quiz as a guide to your knowledge of the subject matter. This quiz is not monitored, or recorded and no certificates of completion are issued. Choose an answer..Click on it and get an immediate answer.

1.   A successful proposal document should have business identification prominently displayed at the top of the cover page?

2.   A brief follow-up email or phone call to your potential client is encouraged?

3.  Inspectors should call prospective clients daily to inquire about a proposal status?

4.  It is best practice to review your service proposals with your own legal counsel

5. Scope items should be discussed and detailed after your client has accepted your proposal

6. By defining the appropriate scope (and adhering to it while performing the PCA) the inspection company effectively reduces

7.   Placing an expiration date or period of validity on your proposal is considered best practice

8.  ASTM International standard E2018 does not allow for varying levels of scope for any PCA

9.   The scope of work defines core services and ancillary services to be provided during the property condition assessment.

10.  Proposals need not list or identify the specific property, building(s), and/or structure(s) to be inspected.

13.   A commercial property inspection proposal should contain?