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As part of a facilities Predictive/Preventative Maintenance Program, a thorough examination and a plan of “corrective measures” of a buildings envelope should be performed annually.In General: Walls should be inspected for cracks and separations, exposure damage and pest infestations. Weep holes should be cleared of obstructions. General cleaning should be done regularly and is particularly important if the facility is located in an area where environmental conditions (fumes from a highway, high levels of dirt, conditions conducive to mildew, algae or other pollutants) soil the building. The best and safest way to clean a building exterior is a liquid spray used at the lowest pressure possible (below 600 psi) to remove surface soils without damaging certain finishes. Anything over 600 psi could seriously impair the integrity of the finish. Sealant should be replaced around windows and other openings as soon as aging (cracking or drying out) is noticed or during an annual inspection. While doing your annual inspection it is also important to check for cracks, holes or penetration of the finish. Any compromise should be repaired as soon as possible. Any bulges, wrinkles, framing problems, structural deterioration, or evidence of damage due to condensation should be scheduled for immediate repair.Members of the National Association of Commercial Building Inspectors & Thermographers™ have the experience, knowledge, resources and equipment to perform in-depth visual/thermal imaging evaluations that strongly enhance and work hand-in-hand with your companies current predictive/preventative maintenance evaluations.Take control of your Predictive/Preventative Maintenance Program and enhance your “power of decision” for repairs. Consult/Schedule an inspector today by visiting our Inspector Locator.

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